Parrott Hall of Food and Agricultural Science

Our vision is to preserve Parrott Hall through an active partnership with the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. We seek to follow the model used by other sites within the State Park System, and lease Parrott Hall for our group to renovate and later operate as a science outreach center. We envision the transformation of Parrott Hall into The Parrott Hall of Food and Agricultural Science, a destination for tourists and members of the community to visit, and to learn about science through a schedule of innovative programming.


Mutually beneficial partnerships will be developed with area educational institutions. We envision the development of a place for all students to learn about the excitement of scientific discovery, and to relate to science taking place all around us, every day.  Tourists as well as residents of the Finger Lakes region will enjoy spending a few minutes or a few hours visiting, and learning about the science behind, food, agriculture, and the world at large.



Scientific outreach is already being facilitated on a national and global scale. Area scientists use video technology to connect with elementary and secondary schools across the country and around the world. We seek to personalize science by having trained personnel present understandable information, and having eminent scientists connect with our visitors both in person and via remote video links. Imagine the impact that an innovative Parrott Hall of Science will have on Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) education locally and around the world. We can become a source for scientific enrichment for schools, and a spark for the growth of young scientific minds.

conference room_final.jpg

We envision an active collaboration with area educational institutions. The Parrott Hall of Food and Agricultural Science will become a meeting space for all visitors -  tourists, residents, students, and visiting scientists that will provide a Welcome Center atmosphere. Guest presentations will feature renowned scientists presenting their specialties in an understandable way. Rotating exhibits will help to attract both new and returning visitors.  Science-oriented summer camp activities and science-focused trips are also possibilities envisioned to show the excitement of science.


The Parrott Hall of Food and Agricultural Science envisions programming to allow visitors and classes to engage in scientific activities.  Direct video-chats with eminent scientists, science camps, rotating exhibits and more are all envisioned for the future of Parrott Hall.  But the time to act to save this historic structure is now.  Your support will be greatly appreciated, and will help to facilitate scientific outreach through this historic preservation effort.